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  • We are a 100% Canadian company with wholly owned and operated production facilities capable of delivering orders throughout North America.
  • We have a direct relationship with manufacturers to carry the best quality product at the most competitive prices.
  • We can build a corporate program for any business, no matter the size or purpose.
  • We offer custom packaging to customer specifications and can include your Corporate branded items.
  • Free designs made specifically for your company.
  • 20% Corporate Discount is directly extended to ALL employees.
  • If you wish to make a pricing/quotation request, please input the necessary information in the form below and click send or email us at A corporate representative will respond to your request as soon as they get it.
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Gifts are an important part of creating a company's image and have become a standard in businesses around the world. Things Engraved will do everything in its power to present your company in the best possible light with our customized corporate gifts. You can order online, our company will be happy to deliver your presentation. There is a whole range of conventions that apply when selecting a unique corporate gift, depending on the relationship between the giver and the recipient. In the case of corporate gifts, this is important because it can affect the perception of your company. Even a minor faux pas in this regard can have a significant business impact.

For customers

We offer to prepare personalized corporate gifts for your customers. Both those with whom you have just started a business relationship and those who are regular recipients of your services or products. And perhaps most importantly, we will also create a top gift offer for your potential customer, whom you will greet at such events as

• trade shows;

• press conferences;

• business events;

• promotional campaigns.

An appreciated customer is a regular customer!

For business partners and contractors

We have a range of best gifts that perfectly fit into the strategy of building positive relationships in business. Some situations require emphasizing the satisfaction of cooperation, celebrating the completion of a project, or closing negotiations. It is also in a good tone to give year-end gifts to your business partners, both calendar and financial.

For employees

It is widely known that it is people who create the strength and value of a company. One of the many methods to keep a good employee in the company and thus motivate him to greater efficiency is to honor him, even a few times a year, with a small gift. We offer you high-quality gifts for employees, which will be an important tool in building positive relations between employer and employee.

Our catalog of business gifts is created to satisfy you and your clients, contractors, and employees. We will find and offer you a gift for every occasion and adjust it to your budget.

Personalized gift for a business partner

There are many choices for gifts, and it depends largely on the nature of the relationship between you. If you have only official relations with your business partner, then the gift for your business partner should also be official and formal. How about... a pen with engraving and a leather case? It will be perfect for signing contracts worth millions! How about a personalized notebook to write down arguments for your offer or an award that reflects chic and elegance?

If the relationship is not so formal and sometimes even more collegial, you can opt for a more humorous gift for your business partner. For example, maybe a wooden beer mug? It's a very useful and practical gift, and it's eco-friendly - surely everyone will find a use for it!

At Things Engraved, you'll find the right gifts for thank you for your business relationship, as well as absolutely any other occasion. All you have to do is take a moment to personalize them with inscriptions of your choice and they will become one of a kind and will surely please the recipients. Because every client or contractor will undoubtedly appreciate not only a tailor-made offer but also a business partner gift prepared especially for them!

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